Bazel Setup

This article explains how to setup Bazel, in order to work properly with the EmbeddedSystemsBuildScripts.

Install Bazelisk

Bazelisk is a bazel wrapper, which provides an easy way to switch between different bazel versions, without uninstalling your local bazel installation. In order to build with a specific bazel version, you need to supply a .bazelversion file, where the desired version is specified, in your project root. For more information take a look at the Github repository


The following manual explains how to install bazelisk on a ubuntu host. This should be the same on any other Debian based systems. Some things may differ if you’re using a different Linux distribution. In that case please look up your errors and add them to the troubleshooting section.

1. Step: Install Go

The installation slightly differs between Ubuntu versions. Please take a look here. The first paragraph on Ubuntu 19.04(LTS) should be fine.

2. Step: Install Bazelisk

This chapter explains how to get and install bazelisk. However, you are also able to fetch a suited binary from the Github releases.

  • run go get in your command line

  • add to your PATH variable: export PATH=$PATH:$(go env GOPATH)/bin

  • you may also want to simlink bazelisk to bazel, but that’s not really necessary


  • install the homebrew package manager

  • run brew install bazelisk